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Our YLT coaches provide pickleball or tennis balls for all players. Please have your children come to class prepared with:

  • For Pickleball Leagues - Your own pickleball paddle. We recommend Engage paddles and you can purchase these on our website upon registration.

  • For Tennis Leagues - Your own tennis racketWe recommend Technifibre Tennis equipment and have included a size guide by age for your convenience:

    • Ages 5—6: Recommend 21'' Jr. Racket

    • Ages 7-8: Recommend 23'' Jr. Racket

    • Ages 9-10: Recommend 25'' Jr. Racket

    • Ages 11 and older: Recommend full-size Racket

*To Note: If your child is tall for his/her age, we recommend that you size up. 

  • Athletic clothing, closed-toe athletic sneakers, and water to drink during breaks.​

  • Gloves are optional during class. If you do want your child to wear gloves, we recommend any athletic gloves, as they breathe easier than latex. i.e. baseball, soccer, running, football, or even gardening gloves. These can be found online or at any sporting goods store.

  • Masks are optional as of 3/12/22 while participating in Youth League Tennis outdoors. 

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