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As a tennis director and professional tennis coach I highly recommend YLT! There is no better place for your children to learn tennis than this tennis league. Youth League Tennis promotes team work, sportsmanship, self esteem and determination, and the kids have fun doing it! Put your child in a safe and positive environment and watch them thrive playing this life long sport with their peers.


This tennis program is outstanding. I'm so impressed with staff, facility, and locations.
Tennis players in Youth League Tennis are learning and having fun at the same time! 👌💯


As a coach working for a well organized and caring business is a priority employment! We care about the best principles being taught and the kids walking away with a desire to enjoy the experience again. The most valuable part in life is to live with your passion! We will bring out the tools for learning in the playground which is just as valuable as the classroom! Enjoy this game of living with your special personality!


This organization is in business for all the right reasons. Every coach I've ever met in my territory is bright-spirited and experienced at a high level, as well as intuitive to all player's needs, including the owner who is a former professional tennis player. They offer a very positive experience at all levels from beginning-starter to advanced high school level play, ensuring the kids have a lot of fun while consistently improving to become complete players. I definitely recommend giving it a try, you wont be dissatisfied.


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