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  • YLT will provide refunds for any reason as long as the request has been received in writing at least 7 days prior to the start of a session. 

    • Please note, there is a cancellation processing fee applied to all refund transactions. $25 will be applied to each session cancelled per child and previously paid Service Fees are nonrefundable.

  • YLT does not provide refunds for requests made less than 7 days prior to the start of a session for any reason.

    • No exceptions, including medical or injury.​

  • YLT expects all kids to participate and listen to the coaches. There are no refunds provided if a child needs to be removed from a class/session due to disruptive behavior.

  • YLT does not provide refunds for classes we provide, but that your child is unable to attend, for any reason. 

  • YLT will provide full refunds if we need to cancel a full session for any reason before it begins; or if there are no other players at your child's level.

Please note, this Refund Policy is non-negotiable. It is established because we cap rosters, hire coaches, order equipment, and pay for/rent facilities based on the number of kids registered at the start of a session. 

  • YLT will make every effort to provide make-ups, either by adding on dates to the end of a session, or additional time to each class to make up for time missed. ​

  • YLT will only extend a session up to 3 weeks to provide make-up classes. 

  • Make-up classes will be provided when classes are cancelled due to:

    • Schedule changes​

    • Inclement weather

    • Other natural causes​

  • If you miss a class at your location, YLT can help coordinate a makeup at another nearby location within that same session onlyPlease just email us at to help schedule a makeup if necessary.

  • YLT will consider a session completed as long as we have provided a minimum of 75% of your scheduled classes. 

  • In the event we are unable to provide a minimum of 75% of your scheduled classes, YLT will provide a credit to your account. 

    • This credit will be applied to your YLT account and kept on file for future use. To note, this credit does not have an expiration date

  • All YLT coaches will arrive before the scheduled start time. 

  • Coaches will supervise your child from the time the class begins, through the end of the scheduled class time. ​

  • Coaches are not permitted to leave any children unattended before or after class. 

  • We expect parents to be waiting to pick up their children promptly after class. ​

  • Your session fee does not include supervision after class. 

  • If you do arrive late to pick up your child, our coach will need to wait with him/her until you arrive. As a result, you will need to pay your coach directly for their time. ​

    • Parents are charged $1.00 per minute for the time their coach spends babysitting their child after class. ​

  • Many of our coaches need to get to other classes following your class. If you arrive late for pick-up, you could cause that coach to be late for their next class. 

  • YLT will make every effort to provide classes and have the kids play. Often times, weather predictions can be inaccurate, so we do not cancel based on a projected weather report alone

  • Our coaches will monitor the rain at each of our locations throughout the day and will wait to cancel until 1 - 1.5 hours prior to your scheduled start time. ​

    • In the event we do have to cancel due to rain, you will receive an email and/or text from your coach notifying you of the cancellation. ​

      • Please note, this communication will be sent to the email/cell phone listed on your child's account and provided at the time of registration.​

  • If you have not heard from your coach and it is not raining harder than a drizzle, you should assume we will have class that day. ​

  • If it is pouring rain and projected to continue throughout the day, we will not be able to play. The courts will be slippery and not safe for kids to play on. ​​

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