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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s does each session cost
$185 per child includes 8 classes, a medal and progress report
$7 Ball fee: includes all  tennis balls. YLT will provide red, orange and yellow balls for all classes so that players will have the appropriate balls for their level, even if their level is changed by the coach.
Families will be charged a nominal court rental location fee of either $8; $16; $24 or $32. This fee varies per location based on how much YLT is paying for courts. This fee will be added to your cart at checkout based on your location.  All fees are listed on each YLT location page (found under the Schedules tab).  Your fee only contributes to YLT's expense. Rental fees have risen dramatically at many sites. YLT is paying $1000- $3000 per location in court rental fees at many popular locations for each 8 week session.  Rather than canceling these sites, we need to charge a court rental fee. Parents are not charged a location fee to play at YLT sites when YLT is not charged to reserve their courts.
$2 discounts are automatically applied when registering for 2 or more sessions or 2 or more children at the same time.
$3 discounts are automatically applied when registering 8 weeks or more in advance and you enter promo code EARLY.

What’s Included in each session
Each session includes 8 classes; a progress report prepared by your coach and a personalized medal.
YLT provides appropriate Wilson tennis balls for each level.
Quick Start and Green level classes are 1.5 hours.
Red, Yellow & Blue level classes are 2 hours.

Scholarships are offered to any child ages 5-14 who qualifies for free or reduced lunch at school.  Players on scholarship only pay $25pp for a session of YLT.  If you qualify for a scholarship, you can either mail in your form with a check or email Laura for a promo code and register online.  If you are mailing in your registration, please include proof that you qualify (such as a letter from your school) or income tax return or payment stub and a check or money order made payable to Youth League Tennis in the amount of $25 per child, per session.  Mail your form; proof of qualifications and payment to Youth League Tennis @ 4669 Del Moreno Dr, Woodland Hills, CA 91364.  Note: you must include proof and payment with your form in order to be accepted on a scholarship.  All scholarships will be accepted if YLT has space available. Your confirmation will be emailed to you once your application has been processed.

What to Bring the First Day
All players must show up to play in appropriate athletic attire and shoes. Please make sure the shoes are non-marking soles and are closed toe shoes. Players also need to bring their own tennis racquet. If you ordered one when you registered, your coach will give it to you when you check in the first day. (We recommend Wilson). All children also need to wear a facial mask when entering and leaving the courts. All kids also need to wear gloves during the entire class.

What is the Student to Coach Ratio
Student to Coach ratio is approximately 8-1.  During red, yellow and blue match play coaches will be giving instruction on more than 1 court.  Quick Start and Green level have a coach on their court the entire 1.5 hour class.

What Size Tennis Racquet does my child need
YLT recommends Wilson racquets!

You want your child to play with the largest racquet they can swing easily.  Racquet size can vary if your child is smaller or larger than typically at their age.  The following suggestions are based on average size.

Age 5 should play with a 21" racquet
Ages 6-7 should play with a 23” racquet
Ages 8-10 should play with a 25” racquet
Ages 11-14 will play with a full size racquet. Make sure the racquet is light weight and the grip size is 4 – 4 ¼ (not larger)

Where can I buy the racquet 
You can order your racquets through YLT when signing up to play or take your child to any local sporting goods or even Target to let them pick it out. We highly recommend Wilson racquets.

Does my child have to purchase a YLT t-shirt
Purchasing a t-shirt is optional but recommended. We believe it makes your child feel more part of YLT and they can wear their t-shirt with pride.